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CHOMO : « C'est illimité : expérimentations sonores et poétiques »

Catalog reference number: IPS 0620.
LP release date: 19th September, 2020.
Artwork: CHOMO.

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Archives of CHOMO, a « total » artist living as an ermit in the Fontainebleau forest (near Paris, France) between 1960 and 1999. CHOMO recorded at home, on the site of « Art Préludien », either in his house, or in the Church of the Poor (which he built), or outside, on tape recorders or cassettes, by inventing systems to be able to produce overdubbed sounds. Thus, these recordings are original, with their imperfections and the conditions of the live (CHOMO rarely started again).

The digitization of tapes and cassettes was carried out first by Laurent Danchin between 2009 and 2010, then by Denis Tagu between 2018 and 2019, with the help of the Association des Amis de Chomo.
The selections and the editing were carried out by Denis Tagu in 2019.
The cleaning of the selections and the mastering were carried out by Michel Geiss in January 2020.

Photos of CHOMO paintings were taken by Laurent Danchin.
The assembly and the infographic of the cover (front and back, and English version of the insert) were carried out by Julien Louvet in April 2020.
The collage presented on the insert inside was performed by Dominique Grimaud in January 2020 from photographs taken by Denis Tagu. Infography : Julien Louve.

CHOMO : C'est illimité : expérimentations sonores et poétiques

Side 1 : Chomo speaks to us (0:25) - Sheet metal (1:30) - Invented language: poem (4:10) - Universal prayer for humanity (11:36)

Side 2 :Unfortunate poet (0:27) - Piano (1:36) - Carrions roting in the sun (5:32) - Swamps (1:07) - Dead woods of great solitude (3:11) - Breath in bottles, roosters and hens (1:17) - Chomo talks to an invisible being, strange noises (2:50) - Honey bees (1:20)









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