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TRUC Compilations:
5. Le Début De La Fin
10. Instruments Imaginaires
6. Cabinet de Curiosités
3. Album Photo

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TRUC, curious and thematic compilations

TRUC is a series of 9 thematic, curious, frenzied, improbable, crazy, unique and quirky compilations.
TRUC will take the form of tape boxsets (+ digital download).
TRUC was born of MonsterK7 and InPolySons’ shared interest in strange music.
TRUC brings together musicians that don’t care about naming genres.
TRUC follows its own rhythm: the volumes composing the series will be enumerated according to the Syracuse mathematics sequence.
TRUC wants to bring about the unexpected.

Each subscription contains the compilations as a digital download + tape boxset - limited edition : 100 copies (shipping included).

The volume numbering of the TRUC collection, based on the Collatz conjecture, is as follows: 6, 3, 10, 5, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1.

“Oeuvres sans Artistes” (“Works without Artists”), a subscribers only exclusive off-series compilation. We offer you to subscribe to the series to receive an exclusive off-series TRUC tape compilation called “Oeuvres sans Artistes” (“Works without Artists”)! It gathers covers from international folklore performed by anonymous artists.

Truc: boxset Truc: boxset and audio tape Truc: boxset Truc: boxset Truc : booklet


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8 issues (first volumes out of print) € 97,60 EUR € 120 EUR
7 issues € 85,40 EUR € 105 EUR
6 issues € 73,20 EUR € 90 EUR
5 issues € 61 EUR € 75 EUR
4 issues € 48,80 EUR € 60 EUR
3 issues € 36,60 EUR € 45 EUR


Subscription to TRUC for France (shipping fee included)


Subscription to TRUC rest of the world (shipping fee included)


Already available since october 2018 ! Sold out but available in digital.

For this first volume in the series, called “Cabinet de Curiosités” (“cabinet of curiosities” - to be released in September), we asked 22 musicians to rummage through their archives for obscure-music gold: their most startling unreleased tracks. With: A&E, Alain De Filippis, Art & Technique, Carton Sonore, Chow Mwng, Daniel Padden, David Fenech, Domotic, Ergo Phizmiz, GNG, Guido Möbius, Les Tailleurs de Notes, Lionel Fondeville, Look de Bouk, Mami Chan, Micusnule, NIT, Quenotte (aka Madame Patate), Sacha Gattino, Tom Wilson, Toupidek Limonade and Wevie Stonder.


For this second volume in the series, called “Album Photo”, photos of anonymous and forgotten people unearthed in flea market of Paris, gain new life thanks to musicians found by TRUC ! Musical snapchots that are not clichés. With Andrianette, Bert Begar, Dominique Grimaud & Véronique Vilhet, F.S. Blumm with Ella Blixt, Harry Merry, Héron Cendré, Honoka Sakai, Ilitch, Jon Sheffield & friends, Klimperei, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Nom d'un Truc !, Red, Sonotanotanpez, Uske orchestra, Witold Bolik.


For this third volume in the series, Pierre Bastien presents “Instruments Imaginaires”. With Tomaga, Nguyen + Transitory, ZICLA, Alain Wergifosse, X-NAVI:ET, Emmanuelle Parrenin & Colin Johnco, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Anki Toner, Nuno Rebelo, Gonçalo Almeida, Dr.Truna (Andrés Blasco), Lukas Simonis, Henk Bakker, Les Harry’s, Victor Nubla, Eddie Ladoire and Pascal Comelade.









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