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TRUC Compilations:
16. Golden Cassette
5. Le Début De La Fin
10. Instruments Imaginaires
3. Album Photo
6. Cabinet de Curiosités

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TRUC, thematic and curious compilations

THIRD VOLUME (number 10): PIERRE BASTIEN presents "Instruments Imaginaires"

Catalog reference number: Truc 10.
A MonsterK7 and InPolySons coproduction.
Cassette release date: October 25, 2020. Out of print.
Digital released on Bandcamp on October 25, 2020.

TRUC is a serie of 9 thematics, curious, frenzied, improbable, crazy, unique and quirky compilations.

For this third volume in the series, Pierre Bastien presents “Instruments Imaginaires”.

Pierre Bastien built its instrumentarium under the influence of Raymond Roussel's imagination and book Impressions d'Afrique. For TRUC, he agreed to put together this compilation about "imaginary instruments". He selected descriptions of sounds, sound devices or instruments imagined by writers.

He then invited musicians to imagine the sound these invented devices would produce.

With Tomaga, Nguyen + Transitory, ZICLA, Alain Wergifosse, X-NAVI:ET, Emmanuelle Parrenin & Colin Johnco, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Anki Toner, Nuno Rebelo, Gonçalo Almeida, Dr.Truna (Andrés Blasco), Lukas Simonis, Henk Bakker, Les Harry’s, Victor Nubla, Eddie Ladoire and Pascal Comelade.

TRUC has a special thought for Victor Nubla and Tom Relleen (Tomaga) who left before the release of this compilation to which they contributed.


Artwork: Pierre Chandèze (
Mastering : Yan Hart-Lemonnier (
Photos : Agathe Trémouille

A great thanks to them andLaura Pfeiffer for the boost !


1. Tomaga - Skimmity-Ride 04:06
2. Nguyen + Transitory - No Such Thing As Terra Nullius 07:11
3. ZICLA - Emanglons-Nous 05:43
4. Alain Wergifosse - Nits d’Ulls 03:01
5. X-NAVI:ET - Rain Machine 04:00
6. Emmanuelle Parrenin & Colin Johnco - Lemniscat 04:53
7. Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva - Locus Solus 04:33
8. Anki Toner - Oh Rebecca 04:52
9. Nuno Rebelo - Skanvass Kassfarioszky 04:11
10. Gonçalo Almeida - Storm Harp 07:12
11. Dr.Truna (Andrés Blasco) - Trois Vomissements de Machine et leurs Conséquences 04:27
12. Lukas Simonis - The Road to my Butcher 02:31
13. Henk Bakker - Ghosthorn 05:33
14. Les Harry’s - Le Chant des Moules 03:38
15. Victor Nubla - J’ai Retrouvé Lelgouach au Marché 04:24
16. Eddie Ladoire - Modulation and Busses 04:47
17. Pascal Comelade - Danse Nocturne de Jeunes Mauresques dans la Campagne de Grenade, au Plus Fort de l’Inquisition (Boléro Ralenti pour Chapeau Chinois et Réduction d’Orchestre) 01:13


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