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Johnny Be Crotte

Johnny Be Crotte

Catalog reference number: IPS0214.
Double-7-inches release date: February, 2014.
Original (1977) and previously unreleased material (1978)

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Free download of an unpublished track on Bandcamp :

« Johnny Be Crotte is still out and not recognized yet of the french musical underground bands who achieved immortality. Nevertheless, JBC played an important historical role in the undergound fighting that boosted the counter-cultural vitality of the past-may 68. JBC are among the most valuable musicians of that period since they are really representative of this musical agitation and excitement, extremely creative, generous and typical of the late 70's and early 80's.

After that, most of the members of this smart combo joined or collaborated with different famous bands such as Etron Fou Leloublan, Barricade, ZNR, Encore Plus Grande, Mama Béa Tékielski, Royal de Luxe, Louis Bertignac, Corinne Marienneau, Bashung. » (Translated from Dominique Grimaud)

Post-cards, flyers and accounts from the musiciens: a whole item

Johnny Be Crotte

Original (1977)

Side A
1. Petit Poucet
2. Armand

Side B
1. Cloclico
2. Mon père m'a marié

Previously unreleased material (1978)

Side A
1. Gloria

Side B
1. Pierre de Grenoble

Pierre de Grenoble








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