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Music For Desserts

Catalog reference number: IPS 1001.
CD release date: October, 2001. Out of print.
Digital released on Bandcamp on June 16, 2020.

Keep space for the dessert! It is worth ending with a melon sorbet, snow eggs or a charlotte russe... That's the work of this doublet specially formed for this CD. Frank Pahl is known for his former american band "Only A Mother" which extolled acoustic melodic and experimental music. Since several years, Frank Pahl belongs to the so-called "mecanic" musicians, bricolant its own instruments and playing like an orkhestral man "à la maison". His music – charming miniatures– has something repetitive remaining the well known american school: melodic systems, simple, which develops following random caprices of the machines, creating favourable atmosphere for the soul to escape out of all our pores. And that's when Klimperei' s coolness steps in, with small touches, adding coloured and decorative sweets, gaudiscus drawing of cream, cheery on Frank Pahl's cake. Unic music with appetizing artwork nearly odorous, done by Frank Pahl himself.
Piely sweety.

1 Lyon fritters
2 Snow eggs
3 Charlotte russe
4 Nun's sighs
5 Ladies kisses
6 Prunes in burgundy
7 Richelieu cream with pralines
8 Cat's tongues with cream
9 Hedgehogs
10 Empress pears
11 Almond rock cakes
12 Papillons
13 Espresso cheesecake
14 Liqueur soufflé
15 Crêpes suzette
16 Dainties
17 Melon sorbet
18 Stuffed angelica

Frank Pahl & Klimperei, Music for desserts








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