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Guigou Chenevier, Pièces Musicales avec Vue, Trois Musiques pour le Théâtre et la Peinture

Guigou Chenevier, Pièces Musicales avec Vue, Trois Musiques pour le Théâtre et la Peinture

A disc INOUÏ Productions, distibuted by InPolySons..
CD release date: 2006. Out of print.

Our friend Guigou is back for the second time as a one-man band (cf. Le Batteur...) to set some plays and artistic exhibitions in music. Guigou Chenevier, a front-rank drummer of the French underground scene of the 70 ies with his band Etron fou leloublan, is one of the few musicians who manage to run long-time collaborations like his combo Volapük and short-lived experiences, for instance participating in dance or theater shows. These « Three musics for theater and paintings » represents some kinf of triptych. The first trip for the play Cairn written by Enzo Corman is made of breathless miniatures that evoke his duet Body Parts with the guitarist Nick Didkovsky. Besides it's the first time that we discover the Guigou guitar player and indeed his nickname fits him well ! The second trip illustrates « Psychiatrie / Déconniatrie », an hilarious and cranky show created by Christian Mazzuchini and based on the anti-psychiatry. This time the music by Guigou with the violinist Takumi Fukushima and the bassist Nicolas Chatenoud is much more composed and recalls Volapük. The third trip is quite amazing because Guigou moves on some kind of ambient noise music, which proves he has more than one string to his bow ! This new experimentation illustrates pictorial works by Enrico Lombardi, a kind of contemporary PieroDella Francesca, that evokes Giorgio De Chirico.

Three opus opi released by INOUÏ Productions and distributed by your servant !
Triptychally necessary.








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