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Ubu et la Merdre

Ubu et la Merdre

Catalog reference number: ET 2 - IPS 0400.
CD release date: April, 2000. Out of print.

Compilation based on the first word of Père Ubu in the play "Ubu Roi" by Alfred Jarry. With Ptôse, Tom Cora et Hans Reichel, Family Fodder, Costes. Don't leave lying around for all and sundry.
Definitely a bit dirty, lavatorial.

Early Times Collection
Putting forward un-new recordings: gold & times, filled with an out-of-fashion genuiness. A music of feelings like some old out of time whisky. An anti-revival binge because milleniums come one after the other and we don't care.

Presentation texts Noël Arnaud et Frank Evrard

Front side
1 Ma femme et la machine  (Un Bouk Unikorn)
2 Sur le front (Soixante Etages)
3 La chanson du cure-dent (Jean-François Pauvros)
4 Is there la merdre after the death ? (Family Fodder)
5 La montagne des couteaux (Ptôse)
6 Ubuducu (Brodé Tango)

Back side
1 La philanthropie d'Ubu (Pierre Bastien and Mécanium)
2 The pig-pinching machine (Tom Cora and Hans Reichel)
3 Ubu parle en dormant (Guigou Chenevier)
4 Cacasphère (Costes)
5 Spaghettification  (Officer !)








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