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Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Catalog reference number: IPS 0600.
CD release date: June, 2000. Out of print.
Digital released on Bandcamp on April 1, 2020.

Cover by Alfie Benge

Alice is to the wonders what the penicillium is to the Roquefort. Wonders which punctuate life with amazements, little fears, obsessions or absurdities. Not a marshmallow world where Manicheism rules social life. In this wonderland, queens are puzzling (sometimes disgusting), animals talk about uninteresting things (in the grown-up sense), and vicious circles settle, without modifying the rythm of life though. Everything seems natural, because these surrealistic nonsenses are not very different from ours. Heads ?, we cut some everyday in a way. And this is where Lewis Carroll did a mistake : the story of Alice is everything but a dream. This is what Klimperei tries to make us live once more through a soft drive inside the text of Lewis Carroll and in the Alice's adventures. We are not so far from breaking through the mirror to madness. Klimperei's deceptively simple tunes and musical arrangements are the perfect reflection of false stupidities of the book. Comic half-obsolete half-flicted songs, melancolic atmospheres and reeks of bombast (beurk...). Klimperei suggests a true concept siidi, remaining humble and sincere. Really dreamt.

Klimperei, Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Klimperei, duo from Lyon (France), has been playing for a long time now, a kind of music for children, warm and unbalanced, fragile and funny: their sincerity and simplicity of which can touch or get on your nerves, it depends... A bit like Eric Rohmer's movies.

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