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Klimperei IWM (3) : recyclages

Klimperei IWM (3) : recyclages

Catalog reference number: IPS 0310.
CD release date: March, 2010.

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Improvising with oneself with years and years in between ... Improvising on a rhythmic loop found in the corner of a hard disk ... « Recycling » the sound-track recorded in 2007 for the reading of my eponymous original work. And Lola's crying, when little, a sentence from a Al & Del track, a revisited version of an unselected track for a compilation, a track of Klimperei (recorded with Françoise Lefèvre) laid fallow ... Fiddling with an unreleased track of Al & Del, without the voices parts, variation around a musical base used by Don Simon y Telefunken in 25 songs looking for ears. RO&C (1) of an unfinished track by Klimperei, of an unreleased track by Deleted. And a bunch of silly technical problems, then fertiles.

For these two opuses IWM-2 and IWM-3, alike the one before, the key word is « no censorship »; which is, regarding the versatility of the author, likely to get you across sonor lanscapes sometimes naives sometimes almost childish, sometimes dark or experimental...

photo: florence chapuis
visual conception: gonk

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