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IWM (4): Los Paranos

Catalog reference number: IPS 1110.
CD release date: November, 2010.
Digital released on Bandcamp: October 3, 2022.

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Project : To rediscover, to revisit with or more or less respect - and wonderings sometimes - tracks composed and recorded in the late 70's and for most of them, published on tapes under the name Los Paranos.

Informations about original tracks and listen mp3 on page IWM (4) : This is the sound of the cassette !

The whole thing is dedicated to Michel Ferrero aka Herr Spragana, emeritus member of Los Paranos who put up with Los Paranos, in every sense of the word, for many years. Grateful thanks to him. They suffered as well : Lokmox Spontex aka Laurent Fauconnet et Bernard G. aka Le Dr. Speed…

tracks 9, 14 et 17 : voice by lola petchanatz
track 14: voice by claire lamy

photo: florence chapuis
layout: gonk
music, recording & mix by christophe petchanatz

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