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Ostinatii 2

Klimperei : Ostinatii 2 - CD

Catalog reference number: IPS0417.
CD release date: April, 2017.

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• The Story

« Since I like this musical genre, I have had this urge for a long time to dabble in repetitive and roughly serial music.
First (just like everybody else?) I discovered, listened to and loved Terry Riley, then Philip Glass and La Monte Young.

Yes, but how could I have done otherwise ?
Yes, but what could have been done otherwise ?
How to follow in the " Klimperesque " tracks ?

One of the characteristics of " canonical " Klimperei is the imprecision of the tempo, slight deviations from regular metronome beats, which pleases our Japanese friends so much. It is precisely what I tried in some pieces. Beats, minimal differences in meter and harmonies, light vacillations allow me to stay in familiar territory while approaching more austere shores (here: no melody).

The first version of Ostinatii was recorded at home, then I was given the opportunity to play these pieces live (which was not the plan to start with) (thanks a million Monster K7). In 2013, at number 1Bis in Ivry, with Sabine (Milk & Fruit Juice), Pauline Boisaubert, David Fenech, Tagubu, André Cheval & Tycho Brahé (many thanks to them too), a set " with drums " was played for the audience. The approach is that of a conductor rather than a composer. It is based on simple outlines which include random evolutions, within a rather vaguely defined frame. Each piece contains its own special constraints. After this show, mutually impressed, Tabugu and I decided to record a version of these pieces " with drums ". A particularly difficult exercise due to the aforementioned tempo variation. This was in 2014-2015. Immediately afterwards Dmitry Vassilyev from the Monochrome Vision label (Russia) visited us, (him, me, and many others) and we vaguely discussed the project. It is as of now published on In-Poly-Sons (F) together with the very select Monochrome Vision. And I must admit I'm really proud of it ! »



Teaser :

Video extracts :

« 9. La déclaration des daguerréotypes » :

Demo :

Klimperei & Guests, Ostinatii live, Monster K7, 1BIS, 7 sept. 2013 :

Mastering : Patrick Muller
Co-production MonochromeVision

1. Couleur ampersand
2. Erruers
3. Ostinatii
4. Afraid to sepak
5. Tiret conditionnel
6. Le même sabot
7. Des bâtons dans le nez

Des Batons Dans Le Nez

8. Planplan, l'ami de la famille
Plan Plan, l'ami de la famille

9. La déclaration des daguerréotypes
10. De tout bois
11. Le Toin









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