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Pechno Hits

Catalog reference number: IPS 0103.
CD release date: January, 2003.

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(The Pechno concept for this theoretician is related to the « péquenots », the french word for country bumpkins or hicks. So in order to clarify the text for english speakers, we’ve translated it in hickno.)

« HICKNO ? What’s the hell is that kind of doings ?
First let us acknowledge that before venturing in more sinuous paths, WE the hichnovores used to be reared with Annie Cordy’s songs (above all la Bonne du Curé period) and with Les Charlots’ hits, even more than with properly classical or jazz standards. Nevertheless WE do accept the whole of our influences, including even those which might spoil a fashionable curriculum vitae, that’s that !
If we confine ourselves to the only level of aesthetics (dear me !), the aforenamed hickno is not unrelated to its paronomastic cousin, since the hichnocrat enjoys manipulating synthesizers, samplers, every electronic hickeys and technological devices. Although he’s used to playing the latest model of digital keyboards with helical and sensitive keys, yet he isn’t more lost in dmiration for it than for each kitchen ustensils that he hammers frequently or for the cheese grater which he scrapes. Consequently, the pechno music could be defined as a kind of techno without... er ! ... constipation.
However we honestly cannot reduce this matter to a straighforward play on the H and T consonants. Actually the hicknophile can be distinguished from the technologue for his rejecting every system and any kind of systematisation : while the second one drags on for six minutes with a funny (but still, not always) little loop for only basis, the first one keeps shaking up his own foundations ; while the technotist endeavours to sound trendy and properly, even applying himself in a snooty way to sound cheap, our hicknotician will use any sound available to him.
To conclude it is fashionable to say a few more words about this techno attitude on which sociologists are already divided, considering that non content with having drawn a red herring accross the best marked out trails, the hicknoid man has taste and flaunts them !
Thus for instance and parallel to his peculiar musical liking for farty or belchy sounds, even hiccough, he is often fond of odoriferous cheeses, released poetry, animals with flask bellies, nay slippers and artistic movies. Moreover, you will be able to recognize infallibly our hicknoman by his prefering the cherries stoner to the portable phone.
So one is just born to be hickno, if not he can’t be.
Lastly, for laughs, if you try to ask one of the followers if there’s a future for hickno, you should hear him howling his famous hickno future ! ! ! »

-- Etienne Himnalanoy for InPolySons - september 2001

Rurally avant-garde.

Sleeve designed by Jean-Marc Mathis








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