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André Robillard, Sait-on jamais la vie

André Robillard, Sait-on jamais la vie

Catalog reference number: IPS 0102.
CD release date: January, 2002. Out of print

André Robillard is a self-taught retired artist. He has lived all his life in an hospital, not like a patient but as a worker. Even if he entered very young this institution because, he was not able as a child to attend a regular school. After years, he really settled there, working at different tasks like the kitchen or the waste service. He got his wadges and payed for an independant flat in the hospital. Now that he has retired, he is still living there and takes profit of life. He invites friends, offers the apperitif and mainly builds his favourite guns made of platic and recycled stuff. A kind of self-taught philosopher, anchored the popular roots. But what he particularly likes is popular french music, the Tour de France, accordeon, songs... On this CD, you can listen to him playing his singular music with its very personnal way of playing the accordeon. He even invented a kind of drumset you can discover by looking at the videos on your computer. And tenderness will come when André plays the harmonica...
Raw tenderness.

Sleeve designed by Pakito Bolino from Dernier Cri

a Harmonica
b Changer sa vie
c Harmonica
d J'avais un don
e Bourrée auvergnate
f Sait-on jamais la vie
g Le temps des cerises 
h Mes accordéons
i A la volette
j Les fiancés d’Auvergne
k La récup
l Batterie
m Les V2 allemands
n Machin Auvergnat
o Les avions
p Le dénicheur 

(With two video tracks.)

(c) Jean-Paul Vidal (Click to get the full size image)








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