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Klimperei, Salle Polyvalente

Klimperei, Salle Polyvalente

Catalog reference number: IPS 0506.
CD release date: May, 2006. Out of print

After meeting The Mirror Stage with Alice, exchanging some tasty recipes with the American Frank Pahl (Music for desserts), and appearing in several compilations released by In Poly Sons, Klimperei gets back with a new concept album that we are proud to release ! It's a simple and popular concept which allows to create a great deal of stories and variations in the delicate music of the kranky Klimperei.

A young person is preparing to go to a party. The positive fever of the preparations, the pleasent anguish to find the place (the famous Salle Polyvalente), to search for friends to have fun and suddentlty some glances with somebody, a hope. It's the age at which all is possible, we say we'll meet again and we return home light-hearted. A banality that moves everybody, a story maybe without follow-up or with huge consequence.

The mechanical pop music based on melodica, keyboards and small percussions of Klimperei with its Pascal Comelade-like arrangements and its more synthetic and stirring pieces, illustrates wonderfully the seduction scenes and the variations of the feelings in this kind of parties.

With the echo of the cuckoo and the cock in the background, these short but swaying tracks will awaken your sensitiveness !

Lovingly daydreaming.

All tracks played by Christophe Petchanatz and Françoise Lefebvre, except 2, 6, 11, 13, 14, 19, 20 by Christophe Petchanatz, 7 & 8 by Christophe Petchanatz and Claire Lamy. All tracks composed by Christophe Petchanatz except 7 & 8 (traditionals).

Cover by Isabelle Boinot

1 Le bon matin
2 Cravate ou noeud pap ?
3 Enthousiasmes vicinaux
4 Je m'a encore perdu
5 La salle polyvalente
6 ILs sont o les amis ?
7 Bons voisinages
8 Coucou
9 Le coeur qui bat
10 Et on y va !
11 The Dancin' Flore
12 Rapprochements et oeillades
13 Y croire un peu
14 Juste bien
15 Coup de barre
16 Hypanagogies
17 O ? o ? hou hou !!!
18 Ah tu es l
19 On y va
20 Emossions
21 Arri pas ?
22 Baqme
23 On est heureux








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