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Toupidek limonade, Il y a des vies qui dévient

Toupidek limonade, Il y a des vies qui dévient. Cover: original work from de Jean-Pierre NADAU

Catalog reference number: IPS0112.
Vinyl 12 inches, release date: January, 2012.

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Infinitely real

Versailles, le Château. More particularly, the parc of the Château. A Toupidek often wanders there, drinking his limonade. In the parc, a pond, an horseshoe-shape pond. And the dreaming Toupidek saying in himself : « And what about inventing a music that would follow the contour of this pond, with each breack in the lines delimiting different parts of my life ? » and "himself" would be the subject of this music.  And arrises this kind of autobiography, more precisely an AUTOBIOSONY.

First step: to observe the pond, its  perimeter or perimaster. We all come from pond mud, a mother rather than a mudderer (muddy mouse ?). Looking at the water of the pond, looking at his life, splashed Narciss. Inspiration requires  to climb the strairways to Heaven, to see the life from above. The horsehoe-shape pond reveales slopes, curles and smooth curves.  « God is a thought that curves everything is straight » said Nietzsche. When frontal shock is inevitable, better deviate, and staying alive. Anyway, every mothers will tell you : we are all born from a basin.

Slices of life cut into lardons (when asking the little boy from Vosges if he prefers father or mother, he answers "I prefer bacon !"). Like the Verb, the slices of life are unregular (some periods have been voluntarily omitted).

This autobiosony awakes early in the morning, begining as soon as conception. By the same movement he picks up the past, he reversingly (complètement singly!) throws his fishing rod to the future : « future is a past in preparation »  said Pierre DAC (we did it again). As if Direction was more important that the act of getting older. The corners of the basin bite a linearized, geo-controlled life. "when gone, gone" reminding Tagu's Sea(l) song. "You blow your mind and it flies" answers stéréophonicaly Kwettap Ieu.

And life does one, girls are born in roses (does anybody want some roses?). Cases of decades carry on assemble with no ressemblance. And decease decides. As said Joachim du Bellay (springing up knight in the night):
« Years pass, hours ring,
Days go by,
remain I  ».

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Drawing/poster: original work from de Jean-Pierre NADAU








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