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Toupidek limonade, Le Phoque A Bu L'Air, An homage to Georges

Toupidek limonade : Le Phoque A Bu L'Air, An homage to Georges

Catalog reference number: IPS 1106.
CD release date: November, 2006.

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The kranky band Toupidek Limonade has always lived on air. Producing barely one CD every eight years, this dadaist combo spends its cool life away from all the craze. After the release of Il y a des bulles dans la banquise (there are bubbles in the ice field) in 1998 which was rather well received by the critics, this urban but approximately earthy trio is back with its usual mix of unusual and nonsensical songs and out-of-time instrumentals.
The proposed music is fragile because of the accuracy of the dots and their rendering which are always hung by a hair, like a kind of Pascal Comelade without his toy piano who would deal with a mixture of vintage sounds from synthesizers and antique breathless instruments filled with an hybrid vigour. On Toupidek Limonade's genotype are homeopathically imprinted those crazy tunes that are inspired by dreams put down at the awakening and related to children of Erik either the upset Satie or the Red who discovered Groënland and even of the ineffable Georges. The lyrics has more to do with pataphysical mother goose rhymes than with political speeches and love introversions as those folks have overshot the foreseen level. Puns are in favour with them, such as the master of the universe Georges who has got a nerve.
Toupidek Limonade For this new opus Le Phoque A Bu l'Air (a play on words that could be translated as The Seal Drank The Air), those friendly monsters (in greenlander Toupidek refers to small statues that are sculptured in whale bones and that represents sea monsters with magical powers ; of course Limonade means the juicy bubble drink !) surrounded themselves with some indigenous dudes shelling sonorous bubbles as different as Pierre Bastien (musical oulipian), Dominique Grimaud (indian of the group and sounds seeker), Juicy Panic (barmy electro duet) and David Willey & Jeanne Christensen (Americans who play in 5 UU's and Hamster Theater).
Toupidek Limonade was created around 1984 (with no relation to George Orwell's novel indeed !), after the ending of the schemes of the North East neo-Neanderthal-fore-contemporary-chrono-post-prog band Hellebore. Toupidek Limonade is composed of 3 test pilots specialized in slowness. The orchestration is rotting and that latent imperfection sets the tone, like some do-it-yourself stuff and some kind of genuine unconcentrate respiration which is downed at one go. Their compositions are made without any rules : the freedom of creation is taken up in respect for every members. So Toupidek Limonade could be the first libertarian christians !
The band only gave 2 concerts in 1985. Life doesn't allow them to gather like a normal band. Therefore since several years Toupidek Limonade records at home slices of reindeer sausage, then these little pieces of sausage are carefully carved and put together in the scullery. So Toupidek Limonade could be the first Residents withous papers !

Favourably nordic.

Soon the lyrics of the songs for karaoke parties !

Toupidek limonade's discography

Toupidek limonade (Jean Caël, Kwettap Ieuw, Denis Tagu) - singing, approxima-sounds & arrangements

Guests : Pierre Bastien (6 & 15), Jeanne Christensen (10), Dominique Grimaud (7, 8, 11, 14), Juicy Panic (16), David Willey (4, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14)

1 George was not invited
2 Inari yet Clinton
3 Layers of wars
4 Quand c'est parti, c'est parti
5 Don't be upset Georges !
6 Bush (K) did not appreciate
7 Georges goes round
8 Little Red Hunting Georges hit the bomb

9 La Beauce démâte
10 Georges is getting (c)old
11 Gastric Georges
12 Georges suffered from Cassoulet
13 Georges needs binoculars
14 Georges va au plumard
15 Georges is not Satie's fied
16 Oh! Hé! Hein! Bon! (Nino Ferrer)








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