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Klimperei, Tout seul sur la plage en hiver

Klimperei, Tout seul sur la plage en hiver

Catalog reference number: Early Time Collection 4 - IPS 0501.
CD release date: May, 2001.

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Klimperei, a coupled to and for life duet from Lyon France - is very prolific. More than 10 years ago, "Tout Seul sur la Plage en Hiver" (Alone on the Beach in Winter) was their first production. And then "Tout Seul..." was already the result of a selection from more than 5 h of original recordings. Because this duet is prolix indead. Giving birth to musical miniatures seems to be their way to disseminate their ideas, their mind waves, and virtualy their genes. At the Klimperei's, they are doing a lot, with everyday tools that do "kling klang" when used. Artistic expression is vital for this duet. And it works well. "Tout Seul ..." is representative of the myriad fragile emotions from their music. Very well-built miniatures despite their apparent lack of balance. They are bearing witness to home-made recording. One can still find the same desire for simplicity, for apparent amateurism even, of a certain kind of french surrealistic scene.
From our point of view, "Tout Seul..." not only is Klimperei's founder CD, but also one that reveals a 100% spontaneousness. A bit like Johnny and his son; a duet for life.
Irremediably foundating.

The Russian Interview

Early Times Collection
Putting forward un-new recordings: gold & times, filled with an out-of-fashion genuiness. A music of feelings like some old out of time whisky. An anti-revival binge because milleniums come one after the other and we don't care.

"From behind the dunes faces appear and disappear, laughing. They give a pantomime which doesn't make sense to us - and anyway we're too busy striding along the beach, digging our heels into the wet sand, following exactly along the edge drawn by the foam, the salt. We didn't notice when we left the restricted area; we go on walking, we feel that something's wrong, we dare not look up.
Some time later when the hovercraft passes it will be time to turn back, it will be easier."

C. Petchanatz








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