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5. Le Début De La Fin
10. Instruments Imaginaires
6. Cabinet de Curiosités
3. Album Photo

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We all believe in Utopia

We all believe in Utopia

Catalog reference number: IPS 0509.
CD release date: May, 2009.

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In 1989, InPolySons released its first record; the compilation "Ubu et la MerdRe", as a tribute to Alfred Jarry. 1989 was also the year of thebreak of the Berlin wall: a new hope was born mostly for the young utopists. Twenty years later, the word has changed and we will not review in details all the bad things that happened since the end of the cold war. Societies moved from unequal diversity to the disaster of globalization.

Let's celebrate together this birthday, defending our ideas of imaginary folk, funny but sincere poetry. The king UBU still lives somewhere not far for here, but thanks to Faustroll pataphysical spirit, we can be save from the deathly sadness of the world. Let's be ephemeral and non credible, fragile and contradictory because the future belongs to those kinds of people. Utopia will win, utopia is our Nirvana, our way of thinking.

A large variety of music from trans post-rock (Palo Alto), to busted (Jad Fair) rock and even degenerated rock (Pauvros), toy music( Klimperei, Ayerbe), sound lanscape and electronic (Noetinger), as well as sweet pop (Gangpol): Utopia comes in all form, but keeps its shape! Dedicated to Lars Hollmer (dead during hte project) and to his optimistic utopia.

Rennes, Wenesday 4th Pédale (135 E.P.), Saint Michet idealistic

01 Hutopie (Jean-François Pauvros)
02 Living in Utopia (David Fenech & Jad Fair)
03 Salut Topy (Klimperei)
04 Variations pour des pop-corn et un soupir (Dominique Grimaud & Véronique Vilhet)
05 Land (Itoken)
06 STPL (with love) (Mme Patate)
07 Sept jeunes infirmières rient (Frédéric Le Junter & Pierre Bastien)
08 Les monstres (Franck Collot)
09 Floater (Rocket Matsu)
10 Os court (Pascal Ayerbe)
11 File under Utopia (Palo Alto)
12 Tant que je lasse Yeah! (Jérôme Noetinger)
13 Lullaby (La Terre Tremble!!!)
14 Burn out (Alain de Filippis)
15 Minisme (La Société des Timides à la Parade des Oiseaux)
16 Fantasy Attemps (Gangpol und Mit)

Dom Labreuil video : Ghost-Play Back #4 (on Hutopie by Jean-François Pauvros).









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