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Improvisation with myself, vol. 1

Catalog reference number: IPS 1008.
CD release date: October, 2008.
Digital released on Bandcamp June 8, 2020.

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" Well, here is the new opus by Klimperei, entirely composed and recorded in three weeks, half improvised with myself (hence the title). Partly improvised indeed as playing with myself obviously diminish the nearly continuous surprise component one could find playing with different people, even if my memory is quite short. Vol. 1 because I really enjoyed the principle and wish to repeat this exercise in the future… Few guitar, banjo or charango tunings, few premeditations, random synth settings, everything was done very quickly, every pieces overlapping and contaminating each other). Censorless recordings, sometimes in fragments, as they were produced)… I used many punch in/out, some cut / copy / paste, a few self-samples (near 10'20 there's a loop made from an old piece by Klimperei), Lola's appearances here and there, virtually no mixing… A kind of entertainment after working to rather structured projects. " Ch. Petchanatz, December 2007

IWM proposes an original conception of improvisation both tonal and amusing, a spontaneous and quick approach to overdubbing. This new InPolySons' collection consists of purposely simple CD with black and white cardboard sleeve to free ourselves from expensive costs and diminish plastic pollutions. IWM (1) is part of a limited edition cd series that should be followed by new releases to initiate a conceptual work. A sustainable CD… ? !

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Klimperei, Improvisation with myself, vol. 1








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