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FRÉDÉRIC LE JUNTER, Chansons Impopulaires

Frédéric Le Junter, Chansons Impopulaires

Catalog reference number: IPS 1205.
Enhanced CD release date: December, 2005.
12 audio tracks and 2 videos.

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Frédéric Le Junter designs mechanical instruments that strip down banal music.

His workshop is far from contemporary cool electronic processes. That's the reason why Le Junter is a true " Hickno Pop " follower (and took part of the " Pechno Hits / Hickno Hits " compilation released by In-Poly-Sons). To move forward he needs space to stock raw material, to cut into the flesh, extract intestines, solder membranes, automate cardboards and nail down salvage wood. Therefore one would think that's just a brutish work which could hardly transform a badly dented saucepan into a slide valve trombone. In the contrary it's always the brain that works in Le Junter ! And he's got lots of clouds and fancy in his head, humor and puns, rhymes and songs, roots and sincerity. So one could think that he's just a gullible fool obsessed by a post-1968 utopia, who like to sing the beauty and the kindness hitting his undeted saucepans. But it's rather subtility that drives Le Junter. Someone like him doesn't agree with the world as it is. You should listen like him to the surroundings to extract ridiculousness, then shout out that even if you would become unpopular towards the good society. This is the meaning of the simple but beautiful lyrics of these unpopular songs. A kind of anti-populist manifesto that criticizes today's absurdities and claims the right not to follow the letter of the law.

Frédéric Le junter's work is close to Pierre Bastien's or to his former partner Pierre Berthet's and to every mechanical instruments or mechanical music promoters. He's been on the road since the mid-eighties with his machines for exhibitions and sound art performances. Besides he improvises on his machines in a regular group called Silent Block with Xavier Charles, Jérôme Jeanmart and Stéphane Levigneront.

A new release by Frédéric Le junter should be noticed as this lively musician produces few records.

Finally Le Junter is a complete artist as he designed his own cover and sleeves for this record and also created the two video that you can read on your computer on this enhanced CD.

Un-pop-hilarity Singing.

1 Chansons de pas d'amour
2 L'Enclume des jours
3 Chère Rasade
4 Quitter
5 Les Yeux Vidéo
6 Clone Me Baby

7 Porter des choses
8 Feu de voix
9Le Fil
10 Petit Poisson
11 Les Uns Les Autres
12 Peut'Fout

+ 2 vidéos : Saule & Keyless saxophone








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