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16. Golden Cassette
5. Le Début De La Fin
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Le monde entier moins le monde entier sans vous

Catalog reference number: IPS 1203.
CD release date: December, 2003.
Digital released on Bandcamp May 12, 2020.

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After having turned their attention to the fate of things, to animals' destiny, Look De Bouk this time more in empathy with the sonorous background of the universe, makes up new vanishing points and an entirely new communication that links up ego and outside, children and adults, so that the whole world and you !

Completly bewitched by puns and the quadrature of spheres, Kwettap Ieuw, Etienne Himalaya et Denis Tagu investigate with the help of some accomplices those definitely new lands, which they describe in their cranky songs, thus rediscovering the supernatural by scratching the veneer of everyday life.

As our three hick and queer characters always do things in style, they've put in this enhanced CD a charming animation video clip for La couverture du rat, a famous track from their second recording Becs & Ongles, in order to show throughout the world what their imaginay is made of !

" The whole world minus the whole world without you ", this peculiar equation comes directly from the mouth of a dromedary professor of electricty in the novel : " The adventures of Peddy Bottom "(1954, Gaberbocchus Press) by Stefan Themerson.

Cosmogonycally hick !

Look de Bouk, Le monde entier moins le monde entier sans vous

1 Envolée de travers
2 A ma mnèse
3 Type de commentaire à éviter
4 Guettez, nautiques !
5 The thingamybobbing
6 Des techniques de l'amitié
7 Rappy Birthday
8 Mais c'est où alors ?
9 Viens m'embarrasser
10 La terre est ronde
11 Un do l'enfant do
12 Betty bave des nouilles au grenier
13 Du jus de jouvencelle
14 D'l'eau l'mythe a l'goût
15 La marionnette du chinois
16 Chaque chose en son temps

Musicians Etienne Himalaya, Kwettap Ieuw, Denis Tagu
Guest Martin et Emma-Lisa, Didier Pietton, Bernard Odot, Jean-François Pauvros, Philippe Dandrimont, Dorian Feller

Bonus : vidéo La Couverture du rat (de l'album Becs & Ongles)








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