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Rag-Time vol. 2

Dominique Grimo & Pierre Bastien, Rag-Time vol. 2

Catalog reference number: IPS 0308.
CD release date: March, 2008.

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Rag-Time: jazz precursor, plenti-syncopes. Bastien et Grimo converted themselves into two analogical DJs, slicing old 78 rpm Lps and assembling them into Mecano wheels: with the aim to construct a true concept-album to criticize our present time which is getting irreversibly slashed. The different pieces of this CD are connected together by old and new diseases such as pest and cholera, the misery of our world.

For that, Grimo took out his old Teppaz, cleaned the needle, wiped off the dust of his old 78 rpm Lps with their brownish sleeves and prepared/composed a strange program to his colleague Bastien. The so-call colleague sweap his little trumpet, oiled the movements of his mecanic robots and arranged the last year’s melodies, giddy and charming tunes. This produced a transe music, trans-duced, trans-versed and trans-formed that resembles nothing but the imaginary world we hear.

Volume 2: the first (already on InPolySons) was a solo. Grimo/Bastien today act as a duo. Two mechanical DJs who officiate without mix artifice, recording in mono: finally, using a mp3 on a single ear does not require two channels, no? Manifesto courageously anti-growth, Rag-Time vol. 2 demontrates that numerical modernity rime with prehistorical creativity.

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